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BodieHi Steven and Donna,

BodieWe purchased a poodle x shih tzu from you in March. We will be looking for a companion for him soon, will you have any Shih tzu x poodles available this year? 
Bodie is coming along very well and is now fully housebroken. He is still as cute as ever.
I have attached a photo of Bodie sitting on our Koi pond. He does this for hours, just watching the fish swim up and down.

June 08

Poppy - Jan 07Hello Steven & Donna,

We are sorry that we have not emailed earlier to inform you of our puppy's progress but it has been a big year (engagement & wedding).

Please find attached a couple of photos of our little Poo-tzu Poppy. The first one was of her as a puppy on your website and the other is of her fully grown.

Poppy - July 08She has an older sister and brother (English Staffordshire Bull Terriers) whom she loves. They are very gentle and patient with her (even when she jumps on their heads when they are still asleep).   

Poppy was sent to us on 17th January 2007 and we relied on your photos, emails and phone conversations as we live in Brisbane. We purchased her for our acreage property to let us know when we had visitors. She does a wonderful job but is a little bit shy with strangers. 

She has grown to be a very important member of our family and we can't thank you enough. You obviously breed with lovely parents as she is an absolute delight and such a loving & playful little girl.

We look forward to many happy years with her and would certainly recommend you to others.

                                                                                            Thank you again, Chris and Emma  July 2008

 Hi Steven and Donna, 

Buttons has safely arrived.

Many thanks for all your help....

Regards,Stef      April 2012


I am not sure if I sent you through photos of our little shoodle boy. We picked him up about a year ago now and we seem to fall more in love with him every day. We can't thank you enough,  right from the start he was well behaved, and easy to train. We had a few toilet training accidents but that soon cleared itself up, now he is very well trained and let's us know when he wants to go out if the door is closed. He is great with our neighbors children who pat him and love him lots and he just sits and allows then to rub all over his face. 

His best time is snuggling on the sofa at night with us, his worst going to the groomer. 

All the best, Tony & Lisa... August 2012.

Hi Steve and Donna,

What a beautiful little pup I have!! Daisy is now 6 months old and has just been desexed which was a very sooky experience for her.

The vet told me last week they have never met such a little sook i.e I had to take her back 2 days later to get a pain injection followed by pain tablets for 5 days.
She is such a gorgerous, beautiful natured little girl (and sooky).
My kids are home at the moment and they have also fallen in love with her playful and soft nature.
She follows me around every minute of the day, following me from room to room. She is so loyal and loveable and is great company for me and gives me lots of love back.
My only regret is that I wasnt in the postion to take one of her sisters as well for company for her.

Thankyou for my gorgeous addition to our family and no doubt I will be in contact in the next couple of years to buy another pup.
Thanks again she is perfect.     
Jenny from Parkes......  October 2012. 

 Hi Steven and Donna, 

Just wanted to give you an update on Kevin. 

He is just the most wonderful puppy we have loved every moment with our new addition. 

Kevin and Hugo are the very best of friends this is just after playing at the puppy park and it rained!

I have recommended you guys to several people in Canberra who loved Kevin and we have just met people on walks who think he is so Devine they are interested.

Thanks very much he has been a wonderful addition to our family :)

Katharine Davies.... February 2013... 

Hi Donna,  

                 I was going to email you in a week or so to tell you how wonderful he is and in particular how good and simple all your advice was. Ollie has slept through the night from the first night, only protesting  for a little while on the 3rd or 4th night. His toilet training is going well- he looks so happy and runs back to us for his praise and treat as soon as he has done something outside.

He has a lovely personality and loves games and exploring outside. It is a delight to have him.    

Thanks for everything, Toni...       June 2013...               

Hi Donna & Steve,

Just checking back in, it’s been about six month now since we got Sparky – an adorable black shoodle from you. He is the light of our lives, such a character and we can’t wait to spend out first Christmas with him.                                                                                                                                

Thanks again for all your help. I’m forever recommending you guys to my friends.

Merry Christmas and kind regards,

Kerri...    December 2013.         

 Hi Donna & Steven,

Just wanted to let you know Riley has certainly become a very important member of our family. This is a photo of his graduation from preschool.

We have been getting some renovations done at home and it is amazing how he melts the hearts of grown men! One said he looked like a stuffed toy from a child's toy box....and he does.

Thanks again for our gorgeous boy.

Jenny Owen... February 2014... 

Hi Donna, 

Just wanted to send through a quick email to let you know our new puppy (Toby) is already settling in well. He is loving all the attention and has been eating and drinking well since arriving. He has also been very impressive with his toilet training. We have provided an indoor pet loo and he has used it every time!!!.....Proven much easier than training the kids.

Just wanted to say thanks again. He is a gorgeous and well adjusted puppy.

I have read all the information you have provided. Everything seems straight forward.

Attached a pic of my youngest son and his new mate Toby J.

Thanks again and kind regard, Richard... February 2014... 

Hi Steven and Donna,                                                                                                

I would like to give you an update on how Jax is going!

He has settled in brilliantly and we could not imagine our life's without him, he is such an intelligent,well behaved with a beautiful personality puppy.  

Everywhere we take him we get stopped constantly for cuddles, photos etc and Jax loves it.

I have had a few people ask me when the next litter will be available?  
See photo of Jax below with his new Camo Harness!! So adorable!!

Cheers, Tracey ... March 2014    

Hi Brooke,  

We took home a beautiful Shoodle puppy from you just before Christmas. She was Dolly's chocolate female. You told us you had wanted to keep her and asked us to keep you updated so I thought I would send you a few photos of her as she's grown. 

Her name is Minnie and she is feisty as they come. We were worried our cavoodle puppy who is twice her size would be too much for her, but Minnie made sure Molly knew who was boss immediately (and continues to do so). She is insanely intelligent, watching us or Molly do something just once before attempting it herself. I think deep down she thinks she is the boss of all of us. She is a funny girl and we love her dearly. 

She has started to grow and is necking an ashy blonde colour. I've attached some photos.

Thanks again, Shanna...  March 2014... 

Hello Donna,

Great to hear from you... Deneeka is Brandy- Abbey's little sole mate....they get on so well. She has been great medicine for me..... so far all is well for me...

Brandy- Abbey is so placid, she has been blessed with 2 names, because she so special and spoilt... we love her so much, great to chat to you Donna.

Cheers Maree.... June 2014.

Hi Steven and Donna,

I wanted to send through some pictures of Chewy, our Shoodle we got from your in February this year. 
He is a gorgeous little pup, I think he thinks he’s a human – he follows us everywhere and loves coming in the car for drives!
Thanks, Lia and Tim Barberio :)- 10/12/14

Hi Donna

Thought I would send a photo as to how Ms Patsy Stone (only took 1 day to change the name from Coco) is settling in.  The photo is of Ms Patsy Stone sitting on her Harrods Tote accessories bag under my desk at work.
She has had her vaccinations and all went well with the vet check.

Cheers, Sharron Peck- 2/12/14

 Hi Steven, Donna and Brooke,

We would like to wish you a Merry Xmas and thought that we would send you an update on our beautiful boy BJ, as you will know it is his 1st birthday today.

He is the most beautiful natured puppy that anybody would love to have, everybody who meets him wants to take his home and we have passed on your details to quite a few friends.

So thank you for breeding a beautiful happy playful puppy, we love him sooooooo much.

Best regards

Rhondda and Michael Hogenbirk- 27/12/14

Hi Steven and Donna
I thought you might like an update  on our baby girl Ruby.
She won our hearts minutes after we picked her up. She is cheeky, playful, adorable and very much a part of our family, loved by us all.

Ruby is now 7 month young and still so tiny, the kids pick her up like a doll and she very much loves it. She is the perfect inside dog that we could have ever wished for.

 Thank you for providing us with such a delight.... Suzan- 21/1/15

Hi Steven, Donna and Brooke,
Just wanted to let you know that Nelson has settled into city life in Melbourne very well.
He comes to work with me most days and has just started to go to doggy day care once a week which he loves.  He started sleeping through the night about a week after I got him which was great.  He also toilet trained very quickly!  He's very social - with humans and dogs - and people are always saying how cute he is.  He does have a cheeky side to him too!
Here's a picture of him taken last week after his first trip to the groomers.
Many thanks - I couldn't imagine life without him now! Vivian- 2/2/16  

Hi Brooke & Donna,

Just a quick note to update you on our lovely little Maple. She is doing very well and loves hanging out with her sisters! Enjoys walking to school, chews everything with gusto and although there is still room for improvement in the toilet training department....of course we still love her to bits.
Hope all is well for you,
The Amor family x 20/2/16

Hi Brooke

Just thought I would give you an update on Senge. He is doing very well. Has now had his Vax and worming done. Flea and Tick chewable done. Next Vac in April. He is eating well, enjoys his food. Now goes to puppy school. He walks on a lead, fetches his ball and drops it at my feet, sits on command. I think he is amazing. We have found him very easy to train. Goes outside to toilet. Lots of praise works wonders. He goes to bed at 10pm and wakes at 6am, how good is that.
He is the centre of attention on outings. Loves sitting on his rug in the “BUNNINGS” trolley. He is so friendly when people talk to him and loves a pat.
He is such a funny little dog, full of mischief, and very sooky when he feels like a cuddle. We are so happy we have him.
Kind regards, Jill Binney... 22/3/16.

Hi Donna & Brooke

I have been meaning to send you photos of Coco for some time. She had a bath today so thought it was a good opportunity for some photos of our gorgeous Coco.

I also send a photo of her with my son a few weeks ago - they just love each other. My father is her "poppy" and she loves to visit and spend time with him when I'm at work.

She is like my shadow and follows me everywhere - she is soooo cute.

Kind regards, Jen Pearce... 6/4/16

Hi Brooke

We celebrated Oscar’s first birthday recently!
Just wanted to send you a photo and let you know he is still doing really well.
Do you have any other litters becoming available soon? My parents are on the look out for a pup!
Laura Taylor... 10/4/16

Hi Donna and Brooke, 

Just wanted to send you a few pics of Izzy, my beautiful puppy I got from you.

She is a very cheeky and loving dog. She has so much fun with her big sister Molly, and is happy and heathy.

Thank you so much.


Rachael Kellam... 21/4/16

Hi Brooke

 Well we have had Gracie for a week now and what joy she has brought us she is so funny , the first day was a bit of a worry with Shelby (the boxer )only because Shelby wanted to check out Gracie and all Gracie wanted to do is yelp and run away but within a day they where good with each other and now a week later Gracie is the boss  and Shelby is finding it hard to play softly with Gracie its very funny to watch.

She is starting to learn all sorts of stuff ,she knows the sits  command but it will take a little more time for toilet training ( i am sure she squats out side just to get here treat  because she will go inside and wee )but she will get there i am sure .

Anyhow i thought you would like the hear how one of your puppies is going , thanks again for your help and i will certainly recommend you guy to any one asking about puppies  cheers

Charlie Zammit.... 31/7/16.

Hi Brooke...

Just thought I would let you know that Lexie is doing great. She is a very happy intelligent puppy and I love her to bits already....

Deb....  5/8/16

Hi Donna, Brooke & Steven,

Sorry I haven't written to you earlier - we have had our lives turned upside down (in the very best way possible) by our bundle of fluff!

Thank you so much for our beautiful Shoodle boy - he is just the best! He is so cheeky, playful and adorable - he has stolen the hearts of all our family and friends. His name is Murphy - I attached a recent photo and our very first family photo 😊. He was a bit reserved on the first day, but has since gained confidence and has no issues exploring every inch of our home. He settled very quickly - hardly cried at all, and is now comfortable sleeping alone.

Murphy is just the smartest little thing - he has learned to sit quietly, touch his nose to our hands, come (almost) and has an approx 80% success rate on the puppy piddle pads! All in 9 days! Such a clever boy.

I want you to know that he has come to a very loving home and we will look after him for the rest of his life. We are looking forward to seeing more of his personality come out as he ages.

Thank you for making this process so smooth, the prompt replies to queries and all the advice to prepare us.... Jessica & Alex... 13/10/16

Hi Brooke,

Barkley has settled in beautifully, feeling right at home now and being my constant shadow. We are getting there with the toilet training, liver treats are extremely helpful.
Barkley now has his own Instagram page that my daughter has set up if you would like to follow his adventures. barkley_reece

Kind regards,
Leonie Kaletsis 😘🐶 4/12/16

Hi everyone!

Just a little update on Bear! He is coming up 6 months! The time has flown.

We still can't get over what an amazing little guy he is. We're so over the moon thrilled that he found his home with us and I am so glad he hadn't already been homed by someone before us because we feel so blessed to be his fur parents.

I'm sure everyone says this but he really is just the smartest little guy. You can tell he's got good genetics. He's so obedient and well behaved and he's toilet trained already. We can't wait to come back to you guys to find him his sister! Anita McRae... 14/11/16

Hello Steven and Donna,

I am attaching a photo of my Shoodle, Muffin.  She is just 9 months old, adorable and beautiful!!  I have found her to be such a wonderful companion and so so loyal, plus very quick to learn.

My two grandchildren just love her and she loves them too, I must admit that they often fight over who has Muffin first when they visit!!

Thank you all very much for my Muffin, I have had people ask me where she came from, hope they have contacted you.

Kind regards, Helen from Bowral.... 7/11/16.

Hello Brooke and all at Country Puppies..

I thought you might like an update on the puppy I purchased from you in February this year.
His name is “Senge” born 26th Dec 2015, so nearly 1 year old now.  He arrived by plane to Lismore Airport where my husband and I collected him.
He is an amazing little fellow, he is very clever,and has been easy to train. He does several tricks as well as his obedience training. He has a beautiful nature, very loving and a great companion. He loves everybody, he likes his weekly trip to Bunning’s Hardware, where he sits in the trolley on his quilt, all the staff know him and is spoilt by the customers, he loves walking on the beach in late afternoon and chasing the water,not at all worried about getting wet and enjoys a shower and a rub down afterwards. His coat is beautiful and he has a lovely lady to clip him etc. He has a great social life always with us, he has 2 special doggy friends. So I guess by what I have told you he is very happy and much loved by everybody.
Best wishes... Jill Binney​... 14/12/16.

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