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Hi there,  I purchased Edward last year in May.  He is a moodle and is great for me as he is non-allergenic and does not shed any hair. 

He has a lovely personality and prefers people to other dogs.  People smile at him in the street when I am out walking him.

He loves training (because he knows those treats are coming).  He is a great companion, never chews anything apart from his toys.  

He is of course the most gorgeous dog I’ve ever seen (please see attached photo, he is very photogenic).

I can’t recommend highly enough to other people one of your puppies.   Regards     Joanne Crawford           sept 2010



Hi Steven and Donna,

Just wanted to let you know that our 2 moodle puppies have settled in very well and are being very good boys.  We called them Harley (as its the only Harley David will ever have) and Maximus (Max for short) after the Roman Centurian, because he's so brave - not.  They have been a pleasure from day one, and sleep right through the night - which we weren't expecting. They have become very interactive, and love tumbling about with each other in the yard.  Thankyou so much

                                                                                 Julie & David Ince Nov  2010


Hello Steven and Donna ,

I always look at your website to see what you have available and it is always a joy looking at your beautiful.  I bought moodle Mia from you some 4 years ago she was born on 24th May 2006 . I thought you may like to see how she is now .  She is a lovely dog a little shy of people until she knows them. We have so much joy and love with her, she has been a perfect pet. 

She is very spoit and so loved I just wanted to let you know how one of your many dogs have given and received so much love.   she is very healthy goes for walks almost every day. 

Goes to my husbands’ real estate office and sits on the desk other days, flies to Qld for holidays 2-3 times a year so she really had been well loved. 

                                     Will keep in touch .......Sincerely,   Ann Reeves Dec 2010


Hi Guys....Mel and I just wanted to update you both with Hercules progress. He is now 6 months old and is a wonderful member to our family. He is very intelligent and communicates very well. We have had many dogs through our lives but never one so smart !! He is a complete joy, but a bit of a mommies boy, very placid in nature, loves everyone, still getting him used to other dogs and fully trained now.

He loves to ride in the car and on the back of our motorbike with his own Doggie Palace that sits on the back of our touring bike. He even has his own leather jacket. 

We believe he is now fully grown, about 30cm in length, just the right size for us.

                   We have attached a few pictures of him for you. Thank you for all your help with the purchasing process.

                                                   Kind regards, Jason and Mel Wright...March 2012 


Hi Steven & Donna.....Claire & I thought we would drop you a quick note to let you know “Molly” our moodle has settled in nicely to her new home & is loving the pampering she is receiving. She’s had her first visit to the vet for her shots & behaved herself J

                                                  Thanks again.....Gareth & Clair Holdom.....April 2012 

 Hi Steven & Donna,

I can't believe it's 6 months since I drove out to Bathurst & picked my little Sparky up. He is such a delight, thoroughly spoilt & loved by all. He certainly
knows who his owner is. When I come home from work he lays at the door & jumps all over me when I enter. He follows me all around the house.

 Sleeps on my bed every night, some nights he even crawls under the sheets. He's completely house trained.

Over summer he took a liking to watching the cricket on tv with us, this had everyone amused.

He gets along really well with our male dachshund, but we have to shut the female away when Sparky is out in the yard. He's so funny in the yard.

I thank you both so much for this delightful puppy. He has brought me so much joy & so many laughs.

I know where to come when I'm ready for another one.

                                             Best wishes....Jillian....April 2012


Hi Steven and Donna......Just thought i would give you an update on Reece. He is going really well, settling in and making our home his own.

He is very interested in everything we do, and very inquisitive with noises that he is not use to, like the washer machine and dishwasher. He is doing great with toilet training, and he is even going to the door for us to let him out when he needs to go. Sometimes i wonder if he just goes so he gets his little chicken treat haha.

He is such an adorable moodle, with so much personality. We love him so much and are grateful to have him. It is very obvious in Reece, the care you take in breading your dogs, and we are very grateful for that.

I have attached a few photos of Reece, as you can see he loves his new home and is very relaxed

Thanks again for all your help.....We will keep in touch.....Kali and Mitch Dew... Canberra April 2012

Hi Donna & Steven... 

Just thought I'd update you on Mishka's progress.

She has graduated from puppy pre-school (she did really well). She is a little devil in the garden, but the plants are surviving. 

She loves playing with all her toys - anything left on the floor is her toy. She also discovered the toilet paper!

Thank you for such a lovely puppy. "Isn't she cute"is the comment from everyone who meets her .

Thank you once again for my adorable puppy. Kind regards, Shirley Hovey... June 2012.

 Hi Steven & Donna, we 
picked Muffin up around 250 pm . She was wagging her tail and full of licks when we were given the cage. 

We then took her to a near by grass area and she was chasing the kids and had us laughing when she would fall over and collapse as she was buggered.

The 2hr drive home and she slept most of the way. 

She must be pretty good with toilet training as there was nothing in the cage and she only went number 1 and 2’s when out of the cage on the grass.

We are all home now and she had a run outside with the kids and is now inside running off with our 3yo’s socks as he gets into his jamas. Muffin is sooooo cute and smaller then she looked in the photos. Thanks heaps for such a beautiful little girl.

Not one noise from her yet...             Gina & Pedro... September 2012.

Hi Steven and Donna... Rolo has settled into our home nicely. 

Reece loves him and they are inseparable. 

Once again you have out down yourselves, just like Reece, Rolo is such an amazing dog, a credit to you both. 

Rolo is definitely the mischievous one, always looking at what he can get up to next, and teaching Reece a bad habit or two (haha). 

We are very lucky to have such beautiful dogs and we thank you for that. Here are a few recent photos of Reece and Rolo.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year.

Kind Regards, Mitchell and Kali Dew... February 2013.  

 Hi Donna and Steven

 Just thought we'd drop you a quick line to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Andrew, myself and our beautiful little Moodle, Watson.

Watson has just experienced his first Christmas and thanks to the impression he has made on our family, had more Christmas presents under the tree than us!

Now 6 1/2 months old, Watson has fully settled into our household. He is house trained, politely sits before all of his meals and enthusiastically greets us at the door every day when we get home.

We are forever getting comments on how gorgeous he is and what a beautiful nature he has – he loves to meet new people and makes new friends everywhere he goes. He is a happy, healthy, medium energy, intelligent puppy with a non-shedding coat who is great with children – everything we wanted when we started looking for a puppy.

Thanks again for being so helpful with your advice. We will happily recommend Country Puppies to any of our friends and family in the future.

All the best,

Kate, Andrew and Watson...  December 2013...

Dear Donna, Steve and Brooke, 

Just wanted to let you know how little 'Bella' is doing. She's growing up very fast and has just had her second vaccination. She's settled in really well, and is a very energetic, clever and happy girl... She's just adorable! I've attached a picture (taken this morning) so that you can see how she looks.

Once again thank you very much for letting us adopt her.

Kind regards, The Asbjerg family... January 2014... 
Hi Steven and Donna,

Thought I would send you a photo of our darling Sophie at six months. She is an absolute delight and has broughtus so much joy. She is very bright and learns quickly and just loves everyone.

Thank you so much for letting her come into our lives.

Kind regards,

Pam Elias.           May 2014...

Hi Steven, Donna & Brooke!

We purchased our gorgeous Moodle puppy off you a year ago and wanted to give an update on how she was doing.

We called her Ivy and all just absolutely love her to pieces, she has the best personality. She was even able to melt Dad's heart - who wasn't too keen on the whole dog idea to begin with - and he's now her favourite! She's 100% got us wrapped around her tiny little paw.

Her coat is now predominantly white with an apricot stripe down her back. She is 25cm tall at the shoulder and barely tips the scales at just 3kg!

She never cried - not even the first night we brought her home. She absolutely loves tennis balls and going for walks and fetch is her favourite thing to play. She and our rabbit are the epitome of the sibling relationship - best friends one day, enemies the next depending on their moods.

She's also very clever which sometimes can lead to some minor mischief! She knows how to sit, lie down, rollover and shake - all without puppy preschool. She's beyond spoilt and knows and loves it - when's she's freshly washed she even makes it into our beds to sleep.

Thank you so much for providing us with the perfect addition to our family - we don't know what we'd do without her!  Olivia Kaires and Family 18/8/14.

Hi, sorry for taking so long with the photos BUTas you know they are not easy to get...
He is the joy of our family along with our children and grandchildren of course...
I never thought i would be so attached to a dog BUT OMGoodness i am the converted. I believe every woman going through Menopause or empty Nest syndrome needs a Little Milton to cuddle, love and to bitch to as he never takes offence or sulks and more importantly he doesn't answer back trying to defend himself he just makes my heart melt. THANKU THANKU THANKU- Karen Moy 19/8/14


Chloe has just had her 3rd vaccination (C7) and has just graduated puppy school as of 15th August.  Vet has given her a fine health assessment.

Chloe is expected to have a minor grooming cut today, to free up hair around face, at her feet, and her backside.   Groomer will do a full grooming when she reaches full grown, and adult hair. (As you see from her graduation photo attached, hair cut of her eyebrows is needed).

Kind Regards,

Terence (Terry) Graham... 16/8/16

 Hi Brooke,

Well it's been 3 weeks so thought I'd send you some pictures because he's certainly fluffier and I think has grown! The boys are loving him. I think he thinks Jacob is one of the litter as he seems to target him a bit more with the puppy biting but he is learning. He seems pretty smart - a poodle trait? He desperately wants to be friends with Barney but has backed off a little knowing he might get growled at - Barney is now tolerating sitting near him so small steps.

He started puppy school last week and was beautifully calm and well behaved whilst those Labrador puppies yelped and barked for an hour.

Oh we have named him Teddy.... Alison Hackett... 6/11/16.

Hi Brooke, All is well! 

Julie had her second round of vaccinations on Wednesday and she didn’t cry. Mum said she loved the vet and wasn’t scared. Mum has her booked in for puppy school at the end of the month along with her first hair cut.

Mum says she is super affectionate and loves everyone.  She spends her days outside in mums little yard and stays out of mischief, and is VERY excited when mum gets home.  She sleeps inside mums room with her on her little bed.  Thanks, Andrea.... 11/11/16.

Hi Brooke,

Very delayed but I did say I'd send an update on Charlie.

Here are a couple of pictures. She is the most beautiful and good natured dog, with a dose of cheekiness too!

I was so curious how I'd go getting a second dog because I love Bruno (my first) so much but my goodness I absolutely love Charlie! Thanks for giving her such a great start to life! Hope you have a lovely Christmas,

Joanna- 14/12/16


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