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Hi Steven & Donna,

I'm giving you an update on "Judd" our moodle boy who flew all the way to Perth in February to be with us and enjoy the Perth lifestyle. 
To start with, he's just fantastic and a real bundle of personality.  He has settled very easily and coped very well with the Perth summer (although if wasn't much of a summer this year). 
He has a big back yard in which he guards as his domain and still hasn't worked out why the passing felines keep a very safe distance from him. He's finally got his bark fine tuned, which he uses very rarely and only when he wants to appear big and scary. 
Judd loves the water and spent many a summer day lazing in a big bow I had filled up with water in the back yard.  He loves to jump in the pool with us (hates being left on the side) and although we didn't get to the beach I'm sure he's going to be bounding along the breaks.  He passed puppy preschool with flying colours and has become exceptional with his manners.  Having trained past dogs its been a real breeze teaching Judd.

He loves human company!!, he has to be near you, sitting on your feet if your standing in the kitchen or at least be within his sight.  My son and Judd get on like a house on fire and of course chasey is their favourite game.  Half time your not too sure who's chasing who!! He's a great car traveler, which makes life very easy considering he goes nearly everywhere with us.

  We're off down the farm this weekend for his first encounter with horses, sheep and lots of open space - he'll be in his element.  

Donna and Steven thank you for sending Judd to us.  He's definitely not short of love and affection and has provided us with many a laugh.  I couldn't have asked for more with his spontaneity in character and gorgeous expressions.
           Kindest regards Bronwyn Jake and Judd - PERTH   May 2006


Thought I would pass this on for you to have a look at.

This is the chapter a US publisher are publishing about Moodles

(Maltipoos as their named in the US ).

Thank you for passing on my name to them for pictures of Judd.

He has increased his "legend" status once again by outclassing himself enough to have his photo published in a book.


June 06


Hi Donna & Steven,
                         Brandi was one of the puppies from a litter born on 25 March 2009.  We had her delivered to Queensland towards the end of May 2009.  We particularly chose a maltese x poodle (moodle) as we were looking for a dog that did not drop hair and that was not going to grow too big.  She is now 18 months old and we absolutely love her to bits.  She has only had basic puppy preschool training but she is extremely well behaved, mostly obedient and became toilet trained within weeks. 

We also have a larger dog, Chikko, who is almost five years old.  They are best mates and play well together.  She also socialises well with other dogs and is gentle around babies and young children. She is apricot in colour, with a little bit of white on her chest and a tiny bit on her paws.  Her hair is kind of cool because it looks like it has been sun bleached from being at the beach too much which is appropriate for a dog that lives on the Gold Coast.  She doesn't shed hair like a normal dog but does lose the smallest amount everynow and then, almost the same as people do but nothing that causes any problems at all. 

She can be a little timid around new people and it can take her a while to get used to people.  As we expose her to more things she is getting better. 
We have been very fortunate as she never chewed anything apart from her toys and the occasional magazine which we might have left in reach.  She only barks if Chikko is barking, if they are playing or if she hears a strange noise.  We couldn't have been more fortunate with Brandi's personality and behaviour.  

The only thing we really need to work on is, if we at a park and she is off the lead, she doesn't like to come back.  Suffice to say, she doesn't come off the lead too often unless it is an enclosed park.  She has gotten out of the front gate a couple of times and it is quite scary as she has no road sense and will not listen to us.  With all that aside, Shell and I can't thank you enough for Brandi. 

The joy she has brought us is hard to express in words.  She's always so pleased to see us when we get home, she does little happy circles and wags her tail ballistically.  She loves to play with her ball and toys and let's us know when she wants to play.  When she's tired, she puts herself to bed which is in a little bed under our bed, but when we go to bed, she sneaks up with us. This is something that we have allowed and are quite happy for her to do.

She gets tossed from side to side and pushed and kicked during the night but she doesn't care.  In the morning when she knows I'm awake (or almost awake) she taps my chest with her paws and makes little grunting noises to try and get me upShe is affectionate, always wants to be around us and loves being cuddled which we don't mind either. 

We couldn't imagine our home without Brandi, she's the best mate you could ever ask for!       
                                                            We would never hesitate in recommending your puppies to anyone.   
                                                                        Regards,    Kirsty and Rachelle       August 2010

Hi Steve and Donna,
Great to hear from you, we are absolutely thrilled with our little girl, she has just had her 1st birthday. I can not imagine our lives without her, Millie is the best pet we have ever had and her personality is gorgeous, she is so loved by everyone who meets her, we are all convinced that she is half human.  

Millie weighs approx 3kg, she can weigh more than this but it depends on the length of her hair. When she has her hairdresser appointment she is so teeny tiny. 

With a house of all males, it is great to have a girl on my side, the boys just adore her, especially her Daddy, but we two girls are never apart.  thanks again for making perfect puppies.
She is just perfect for us.....kindest regards Michelle Rossi.....August 2010


Hi Donna & Steven,
We hope you're both well and trust all your beautiful pups are also. Well it's been about 16 months (18/4/09) since we picked up our beautiful Moodle pup from you and has it been an interesting time. Lily has grown into a wonderful dog and has a personality larger than life, although we sometimes call it 'Attitude' rather than personality! Lily was 5.25 kg at our last vet check and 32cm from floor to the top of her shoulders.

Toilet training was tough at the start, but she picked after a few months and became totally house trained and only goes to the toilet outside. She now can make it through the night without going and waits patiently at the back door in the mornings.

Lily fits comfortably into our family life and enjoys riding in the car, visiting family and friends and going on adventures on weekends and when we have holidays. She is a great companion for our daughter and the two are never apart.

Over this time Lily has been a great ambassador for Country Puppies, everywhere we go people have asked us where she came from, even our Vet has recommended Country puppies to some of its clients.

We have no hesitation in recommending Country Puppies to everyone we meet. The personal service you gave us and also our wonderful new family addition has been very much appreciated.

We've attached a few photo's to show you how much Lily have grown since she was born on the 26th of February 2009.
"For us, a house becomes a home when you add one set of four legs, a happy tail and that indescribable measure of love that we call a dog"

Once again and big Thank-you to you both for caring so much for your puppies and also your customers.

Kind Regards, Charmaine, Trevor & Amelia Scotney, and of course Lily.
August 2010



Oscar & Lucy - ThenHi Steven and Donna,

Just wanted to let you know that everything is going very well with our Moodle pups. They had their first puppy pre-school last night and did very well. 
Nearly everyone we know has visited to coo over how cute they are. They have settled in fairly quickly, I think because there is two of them, though the toilet training is still a challenge. Thank god we have wooden floors!

Oscar & Lucy _ ThenThey're growing bigger every day and we're very happy with them so thank you.

Kind regards,
July 2005

Oscar & Lucy Update !!!! 

Hi Donna,
Another progress report and some photos of almost-adult Moodles which you might like for your website. Oscar and Lucy are 6 months old now and they got desexed 2 weeks ago. 

Oscar & Lucy - NowThey both have lovely natures and people tell me all the time how cute they are. 

We had a family picnic a few weeks ago and they encountered small children properly for the first time. The kids were all over them, picking them up and slinging them over their shoulders. They were completely fine with the rough treatment. They're very tolerant and will let you do anything to them really.

Oscar & Lucy - NowThey're also quite sensible, they don't run off down the street if the front door is open, that kind of thing. Oscar likes to swim and is quite adventurous. Lucy is a bit more cautious and enjoys paddling and digging in the sand. My beautiful doggies start Obedience school soon, so that's the next challenge!

Their coats are very soft, fine and furry, rather than hairy. It is straight around the head and has a soft kink on their back. They have a little bit of the white fur coming through along their backbone, its not a true black on their back.  I cut the fur around their eyes. My sister clipped a short length off them with scissors to tidy up the rest of the coat as the ends were looking a bit straggly. But you wouldn't have to. 

Oscar & Lucy - NowThey don't really moult although very fine black hairs stick to the sofa a little bit.  I don't really comb them except when they're having a bath, then I comb the shampoo and the conditioner through. They have baths every two weeks because we walk them near the harbour (on the west side, across from the fish markets...) and when they swim they get a bit smelly!

Thanks again, needless to say, we love them lots. 

Kind regards,
January 2006

Buffy - December 2005BUFFY.  AKA:Buff Buff, Fluffy, Nugget, Shadow, B, Guinea Pig, Munchkin, The Buffster and Psycho.

Buffy is a wonderful, friendly, playful puppy full of energy and loads of personality.  She loves playing with ANYTHING she can get her little paws on and can entertain herself for hours.

She's very good with walks and insists on saying hello to every person and dog we meet along the way.  She's a little princess that poses for the camera, hates cold baths, and wet grass.  Strangely though, is quite happy to take a dip in a pond and roll around in the dirt, producing a gorgeous lamington look. 

She'll follow you where every you go so that she's in the know and with the action.  Toilet training has been a little difficult, but she's improving fast with a little help from elder dogs.  For a tiny puppy, Buffy loves puppy play dates hanging with the Big Dogs.  She's quick to learn new tricks from them always well behaved.  (She does this awesome running launch thing off chairs and decks that's to die for!  She gets a lot of air for a teeny tiny puppy!  Must be the fur)

Buffy - December 2005Everyone just loves Buffy and I will never be short of puppy sitters!   Buffy is the most adorable little fluff ball that has won the hearts of everyone who meets her.  I get tones of comments and questions about her breeding and I always direct them to your website. 

Thank you Donna and Steven for Buffy.     

Mia Binnie
December 2005


Buffy is now three years old and around 5kgs.  She's a wonderful, friendly, playful puppy full of energy and loads of personality.  She loves playing with ANYTHING she can get her little paws on, is obsessed with squeaky toys, fetch, puddles (or any other body of water) and digging holes.  She's very good with walks and loves to explore and socialise with both humans and all sorts of animals (even the big ones).  She's a little princess that poses for the camera, hates cold baths, and wet grass.  

Buffy - September 2008Toilet training had been a little difficult at first, but she improved fast.  Buffy is very smart and passed obedience school quickly.  She's quick to learn new tricks from other dogs and always respects the pecking order.  She's very aerodynamic for a little puppy, dances for her dinner and always stands on her back legs.  

Buffy is very hypo-allergenic, which is perfect for my allergies. She's a fussy eater and would dine on fresh chicken and Smackos if I let her!

Everyone just loves Buffy and I will never be short of puppy sitters! Buffy is the most adorable little fluff ball that has won the hearts of everyone who meets her. I get tones of comments and questions about her breeding and I always direct them to your website. 

Thank you Donna and Steven for Buffy.  She is everything to me.

Mia - Sept 2008

Sooty and SweepHi Donna and Steven

Well what a delight my lovely Moodle puppies are...........

Thank you for providing top quality puppies and an excellent service 

Sooty and Sweep are a real delight and are giving myself and my family lots of pleasure, they're great company and are always a 'crowd pleaser' 
Sooty and SweepI took them for their second round of vaccinations today and the vet was very pleased with their progress and state of health
I have also taken them to a puppy training class in the last couple of weeks, where I have gained valuable lessons with behavior, house training etc.

Sooty and SweepIn fact I think that we have turned the corner with the house training and they are now, both going straight outside to relieve themselves when needed 
I crate them at night and they sleep straight through with no fuss and during the day, they wander in and out of their crate (bedroom) to take naps
They have grown quite a bit in 6 weeks, I'm not sure if you'll be able to tell from the photos

Thankyou once again

Kind Regards
Feb 06
These 2 puppies flew to Melbourne

RemiHi Steven and Donna,

Thought you might like an update on how Remi is going, our gorgeous Moodle. She flew to Melbourne from Bathurst last year at only 8 weeks old, then had another 4 hour drive to get to her new home in Swan Hill.
RemiShe already has an older brother Jaz, a Maltese x Shih Tzu, and although it took a couple of days for him to get used to his new mate, they soon became best buddies. Now they are inseparable, they do everything together -- lying on the couch, playing with toys, barking at cats across the road -- you name it.
I want to thank you so much for Remi, she is a wonderful addition to our little hairy dog family and I could not fault her. She has been a little terror at times, but all puppies are, and it only makes life more interesting. She is an intelligent, attractive, friendly dog and as time goes on she learns new things (playing fetch, toilet training etc) 
RemiShe has some white through her (the Maltese in her coming out we suspect) but is predominantly black with white down her chest, paws and the tip of her tail.
I hope our feedback helps others in their decision-making. I didn't know anything about Moodles before we bought Remi, but now I would recommend them to anyone who loves a cuddly, happy companion!
Gemma and Jayden
April 2006

GypsyHi Steve and Donna,

I thought it was about time I sent your some beautiful photos of our little baby Gypsy.

GypsyShe is a real character and definitely a real little woman. Gypsy has been to puppy school and graduated with honors.

Her best friend was a bull mastiff and heaven help anyone who tried to go near her when he was around. Hope you like the photos. 

Thank you
Anita Winter  
April 200

Phoenix - ThenHi Steven & Donna,  

Our beautiful little Moodle Phoenix was flown to the Gold Coast in July 2005. When he arrived he looked like a little teddy bear, and I must say was the cutest thing we had ever seen.  

Phoenix graduated from puppy preschool with flying colours, and although he was very fast to learn his tricks (sit, drop, beg, rollover, 360 spin, speak which is bark on command, fetch, shake, kiss) he was slow with toilet training.  

Phoenix - ThenWe would describe Phoenix as the perfect dog! He is cute, smart, non aggressive, interacts well with other dogs (big and small), is great with kids, has a beautiful nature, does not shed any hair, does not smell, and LOVES swimming in the pool. What more could you ask for in a dog?  

People often stop us on walks and ask about Phoenix , and we always rave about Country Puppies and refer them to your website.

Phoenix - NowPhoenix loves going to our local dog park, the beach and playing with his mates. He has more toys than any kid I know, he loves to play fetch and his ultimate goal with stuffed toys is to rip the stuffing out!  

We are throwing him a party this week, and inviting his friends around to mark his 1st Birthday (9th May).  

Phoenix is loved by everyone, treated like royalty and is one very spoilt Moodle!  

Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog. He brings great joy to our lives!

From Natalie, Eden & Maneesha Marzol

One very biased family!
May 2006

MillyHi Steven and Donna,

Our Moodle, Milly,  is nearly 11 months of age (born 12 July 2005) and she has been the most lovely addition to our lives.
Ever since she arrived here in Adelaide she has been a joy to own.
We took to puppy pre-school which she really enjoyed meeting the other puppies,  everyone thought she was very cute.  We had a few problems in house training,  but she suddenly got her act together at 7 months.  Milly lives indoors with us (We are a retired couple) and loves to go for walks most days and ride in the car.  We decided to have her clipped at 9 months in a " puppy look " style which really suits her.
We had one traumatic moment when she decided to consume a poinsiettia plant;  very poisonous, we dashed to the vet for a quick fix.
We find she has a great personallity and is very intelligent (she predicts every move we make)
Thank you very much for giving us a most delightful puppy.
KEITH and JEAN from Adelaide. 
June 06

Moodle - ThenHi Steve and Donna,

We bought Maybe back in September 2006.

Moodle - NowShe is now 6 months old and she is such an amazing little pup with a beautiful nature.

She is an absolute dream to have and quite smart. She picked up toilet training very quickly and rarely has an accident inside.

Her coat is amazing also she doesn't shed (I suffer from allergies!) and when she comes home from the groomers she becomes quite the fluffball.

We love her to bits and are now contemplating getting another one!

Thanks again for such a beautiful little dog.

Mary & Toby
January 07

Misty - ThenHi Donna & Steven,

We bought our Moodle (Misty) from you in September 2006.

Misty - NowI thought you would like to see her now. She is absolutely beautiful and definitely runs the household.

She has a wonderful temperament & personality and is fantastic with the children. Our 2 boys adore her.

We will be starting obedience classes soon which will be a challenge because she likes to be in charge!

We wouldn't be without her.  Thank you very much for bringing Misty into our world.

Sue Szalay January 07

Coco - ThenDear Donna & Steven,

Hi there, I thought you may like an update on young Coco who we got from you back in Feb this year. 

This week she turns 5 months old so we have had her now for 3 months and I have to say she is an absolute delight, she has brought so much joy to our lives and is such an important part of us we couldn't bare the thought of life without her now!  Her personality is simply adorable and everyone who meets her becomes smitten by her she has a truly lovely nature and gets on beautifully with other dogs, people and children alike, she is just so friendly & social she has become a bit of an icon in our neighborhood and at our local cafe and has made many friends (both dogs & humans) who go out of their way to come up and talk to her Coco - Nowwhenever they see her and we can't believe how many, perfect strangers stop us every day and ask all about her I have answered the questions, what breed is she? & where did you get her? so many times now, I should have cards printed and just hand them out!

She is already a very well traveled and cosmopolitan kinda gal she's been on the plane between Melbourne & Sydney several times, on a boat twice, a bus, a tram, a taxi she comes shopping with me all the time, to the hair salon, to friends houses for dinner & attends functions at the gallery and all the while just sits quietly in her puppy carrier at my feet she is always well behaved and handles it all with aplomb! 

In the training dept, we have already completed a puppy kinder course and are about to embark on an 8 week obedience course.  CocoShe surprises me daily with how smart she is, training is an absolute breeze and enjoyable.  She was house trained “weeks” ago, can walk on lead fabulously, knows how to sit, stay, wait, lie down, fetch, drop & respectfully understands the word "no" amazing!  The best of all though, she makes us laugh everyday with her playful antics & sweetness, she is very funny & loving but never naughty unlike many horror stories I've heard about puppies, we have not had one thing destroyed by Coco, she very quickly understood that she could do whatever she liked with her own toys but that everything else was not for chewing!

Anyway, I just wanted to share all that with you both and to compliment & thank you, because obviously, without your professional breeding and the care of her in the early formative weeks we wouldn't have our special little girl today, so thanks a million!

Kindest regards
Kerri, Stuart & Coco 
May 07

Sophie - ThenHello Donna & Steve,
Sophie Muffin Moodle is doing well and we've had a great 2 weeks with her. She settled in well at home and is winning all hearts that see her!
Sophie - 8 monthsShe comes when called and enjoys a run in the backyard morning & evening to leave a deposit on the lawn!

Our Grandson loves her to bits!

Our thanks to you for our special puppy.

March 2008


Hello Donna and Steve,

Here is an update photo of Sophie at 7 months. She is doing well at obedience training. She loves to play with three neighbors puppies in the park.

Her coat is beautiful with no shedding. Traveling in the car is easy as she loves it. As Steven predicted she loves to be by my side and trots around the house as I go about my day. She is a wonderful companion.

August 08

RomeyHey Steven & Donna,

We bought our little dog from you last year (2007) on the 24th of February.

RomeyRomey is a moodle, male and is now about a year and a half old.

Though he still is quite a bit smaller than all his friends at the dog park!
He is very loyal, and at the same time very naughty!

He is also an excellent explorer (not that great, but he does have guts).

Romey is also very intelligent, and learns tricks very quickly, given the right encouragement.

We would really like to thank you for our wonderful puppy.

March 08

Jelly - ThenHi Steven and Donna

Thought I'd send you an update on Jelly, our beautiful little Moodle that we bought from you in November 2008.

Jelly - NowHe's given us so much love and happiness it's amazing how much a dog really can change your life. 
Jelly loves absolutely everyone, he doesn't have a bad bone in his body. He also has no fear and will try and make friends with every dog in the park even if they are big and scary! He's such a confident little dog who just loves life! He's great with kids and loves to play with his ball and his teddies!

I want to thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful natured little guy. He gets so much love and attention and gives it straight back in return, I couldn't imagine life without a dog now, it wouldn't be the same!

Thanks Again
Emma and Chris 
Aug 2008

CharlieHi Steven & Donna

We bought a little moodle boy about 6 weeks ago and met you in Katoomba just to meet him but ended up buying him.  We have named him Charlie and he really is a little character. He was born on 28.5.08.
He had his second lot of needles a couple of weeks ago and met his new vet who thought he was so beautiful.

He is such a little charmer.  
CharlieHe has settled in great ... has a fantastic appetite. We have started giving him the odd chicken wing and loves them. He even eats his worm tablet as if its a liver treat...
When playing with his ball & toy rope he 'sits' on command before its thrown.
We still have a few hiccups with house training...gets very excited when he sees us and has a little accident!!
We would like to thank you again for our Charlie. He really does bring us lots of fun and love. We have sent you a couple of updated photos and we will send you more as he gets older.
Kind regards
Ross Caroline Brittany & Heather Ayden.

Hi Steven & Donna,

Just wanted to let you know how Winston (Boris) Murray is going.  We travelled from Tamworth to Bathurst to pick up our little furry friend whowas born 1st June, 2009.

He is the distinguished little man that his name suggests and settled in
very quickly to his 5 acre home which he shares with his female dog friend,
Scrappy as well as the native wildlife of kangaroos, possums and lizards.
He likes to bark at most of them on moonlit nights and we have sometimes
thought he is a Rottweiler in disguise although he has been known to jump
like a rabbit through the gardens when helping his Dad.  His personality
DEFINITELY is greater than his size and he has a cheeky streak about him but not naughty,
always fun.  When he was little he would tip the peg bucket over, take off
with your socks out of the clothes basket or just hide things that you
placed down for 5 seconds.  Of course they always came back and he would be
sitting there wagging his tail!  Harmoniously Winston spends most of his
days wandering the gardens, laying about the decking (on his back... the
only way he sleeps), walking down the driveway to meet the girls off the bus
or just randomly rolling over in front of you with those big eyes
suggesting, "Belly rub?"

He runs to the gate to meet you if you've been out & loves a good pat,
scratch or
doggy massage.  Although he is an outdoors dog, any chance he can he'll
sneak in the door & hide under the lounge.  In Summer, he gets his crew cut
as he likes to frolic in the grass and comes back covered in burs and
farmer's friends.

He loves a good bath and has always been very cuddly since the day we got
him, placing his head on your heart and snuggling.

Thank you for the wonderful little edition to our family.  Winston came
along after we lost our beloved 12 year old Moodle, Thomas.  Moodles are
absolutely beautiful pets in both temperament and personality.  Country
Puppies are just the best!

Andrew, Nikki, Lauren & Ashleigh

Hello Steven and Donna ,


I always look at your website to see what you have available and it is always a joy looking at your beautiful. I bought Mia from you some 4 years ago and thought you may like to see how she is now . She is a lovely dog a little shy of people until she knows them. We have so much joy and love with her. She has been a perfect pet. She has had a recent operation on her right knee the second we had the left done some 2 years ago but hey all is great she is very spoit and so loved I just wanted to let you know how one of your many dogs have given and received so much love. She was born on24th May 2006 and I believe she was one of Salty’s pups and I don’t know who the father was. She is very healthy goes for walks almost every day. Goes to my husbands’ real estate office and sits on the desk other days, flies to Qld for holidays 2-3 times a year so she really had been well loved. Will keep in touch .

Sincerely, Ann Reeves


Hi Steven & Donna,
We purchased our female moodle Rosie on May 9th, 2009. She has a beautiful apricot coloured fluffy coat. She is not only a gorgeous looking dog she also has a beautiful nature and is very gentle. She is very loving to us and our extended family. She can be a bit timid when it comes to meeting other dogs. She is a bit picky as to the dogs she wants to befriend. She loves our neighbours dog Toby, who is a Jack Russell. We have a very strong bond with Rosie. She is great with our 3 young children ( 3yr old, 6yr old and 9yr old), and is definately a part of the family. She has even made friends with our pet budgie. Rosie is extremely playful. She loves to play chasings with the kids and her favourite toy is her squeaky bone. She also loves to play with balloons. She has learnt how not to make them pop. Very clever. In the evening she is a teddy bear and cuddles up with our 9yr old. We recently did some obedience training with Rosie and we found her very easy to train. We are so lucky and blessed to have her in our lives and could not imagine life without her. Thank you for our beautiful puppy. Best Regards, John, Tanya & family


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