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Dear Donna & Steve,

Just thought I'd send some photos of our dear little Mia, our Moodle. She has been with us for over a year & we cannot imagine life without her...thank you so much for introducing us. Carol Hamilton& family... 11/8/14

Hi Brooke, Steve & Donna,

I just thought I'd send you an update on my gorgeous babies, Mia, the Moodle (nearly 3) & Max, the Cavoodle nearly 4 months old. 

They are great, getting on like best friends should & charming us all, every day! Once again, many thanks from all of us... Carol, Terry, Kurtis & Carly... 10/1/16

Hi Donna & Brooke,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on our 2 Cavoodles, Toby & Lilly. They are both wonderful dogs and love each other, we can always find them either asleep together or chasing each other around in the backyard. Lily has been a wonderful little puppy so far, she is so fluffy and our vet couldn't believe how much fur she has. Thanks for such lovely dogs, we are just wrapped with them both.

Cheers... Molly & Matt. 18/8/14

Hi Steven and Donna

I know it's been 2 years since I purchased baby Bailey and I have been meaning to email every day.

Bailey is beautiful and worth every penny. The best compliment I received was from a groomer on the mud north coast explaining what a well breed dog he was. She had see a lot of cavoodles and it's was the best hair that she worked with as it doesn't get knotted.

Bailey is full of life and our best friend and treated as one of huge family, dare I say it sleeps in the bed.

I have enclosed some photos in a desperate email of what a beautiful dog you have breed and given us a life time of happiness and laughter.

Thank you... Tahlia Robertson 20/8/14

PS Bailey loves watching tv he identifies animals on tv.

Hi Donna.

We thought you’d like to see how well Tess has settled in.

She is a beautiful dog and is already a special part of our family… you were absolutely right about the fact she’d be fine with our border collie, Fudge…. They are best of buddies

 Thank you !! Ian Girvan 10/9/14

Hi Steve and Donna,

Thought I would send you a picture of my beloved Alfie, he was one on Sunday.

He’s such a good puppy, cheeky and fun but very loving and caring to the whole family. A great breed, he’s learned most things and in puppy school he dominated class! He’s won all the family over, so glad I got him.  Have told heaps of people about your website!


Chloe and Alfie.... 1/10/14.

Hi Steven  & Donna,

Teddy is such the cutest dog . We are so glad to have him. He has lots of attitude and is very loving . 

Here is a recent pic of Teddy . We purchased Teddy in 2012:) Melissa Myers... 29/10/14

Hi Donna,
I've attached a photo of our beautiful Molly who is 5months old now.
Would you have any photo's of her parents,I would love to see them.
Pam Kercher 10/11/14


My name is Sue and we bought our cavoodle Rosie off you 3 years ago.

I thought you might like a recent photo her- a selfie with my daughter!

She's a great dog and very intelligent and we love Rosie but think she needs a brother or sister!

Do you have any puppies available?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Sue Kelleher 16/11/14

Hello Steven, Donna and Brooke,

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We thought you might like to see how they have progressed. Now 5 ½ months old and not spoilt!!!!

Kind Regards,

Ric and Louise Denny-  24/12/14

Dear Steve and Donna, 

I wanted to give you an update on a Black and White Cavoodle we got from you in November 2013 (Born Sept 2013). He was called Smudges mostly black before he came to us. You may recall us, as I had bought him as a surprise for my husband, Tim. On the drive home Tim named him 'Taco'.
The very proud 'Taco' has become one of the family. He is such a delightful dog that he is invited to all family functions and we are in trouble if we don't bring him! We have problems trying to place him when we are away because people are offended if we don't pick them to look after him. He rarely barks and get's along with his new little human sister really well. When she grabs his tail he just gets up and walks away. No barking or growling. We didn't get to take him to puppy school as he was the required age over the xmas break, however he is a bright puppy and learnt to sit, stay, wait, come and shake very quickly.
When he first came to us my husband said that we didn't need pet insurance because he was a dog. Now he has premium insurance and is possibly the most loved member of the family.
Thank you so much for bringing him to us. I have attached a recent photo.

Kelly Gray

Ps There are two other dogs who live within a block of us who also came from you! Charlie is nearly 10 years old and Luca is 2. Both are doing well and Taco loves seeing them on our daily walks... 21/1/15

Hi Brooke

I thought I had better give you an update on Millie.
She has settled in very well.  She has a super calm temperament, she is great with the 2 year old who loves cuddling her, not always in the most comfortable positions!
She was off her food for a few days and her appetite seems to come and go but she has grown lots.  She has been great at night from the very beginning, put her to bed at 10 and she wakes at 5 or 6am.
Here is a photo of her and George.
Caroline... 22/2/15

 Yoshi a bit tied after Muir seafood restaurant to have lunch with my sister. Too many cuddles from people 😊... Chris Walsh... 10/4/15...



Welcome Yoshi's new brother 'Marshall'. A happy little boy...  Chris Walsh... 26/1/16


I'd just like to give you an update on one of your special puppies. We called her Alba and she is very special to my wife and I. While she loves digging, we wouldn't change her for anything! She's healthy, eating, sleeping, playing up a storm in our backyard.

She's a good dog and being well cared for. Couldn't ask for anything more!

Thankyou so much!.... 12/8/15...

Hi Brooke, 
just wanted to send you a few more pictures of Millie who was delivered to us on 22/11/14 (DOB 14/09/14).
At 18 weeks she is a beautiful big ball of fluff - we get to see how tiny her legs are when she goes for a swim! And I have to say I'm extremely happy that she's not afraid of the water; being so hot lately we've been getting her in the Georges River every other day and she is becoming a great little swimmer! 

She loves to fetch her rope toy and my nieces are even trying to teach her to jump through a hoop (as she doesn't mind jumping on/ off furniture or garden walls etc.. anything really :-)) She's graduated puppy school and loves to socialise with other dogs and people - no matter what their size! Almost wags her tail off at the fence when other neighbours are walking their dogs! Such a clever little thing she has mastered all the basics and I may be biased, but I even think her loose lead walking is really good. I haven't decided on further obedience training yet & she's just discovering her voice - so we'll see how we go!... Vanessa... 21/1/15...

HI  Brooke, 

I’m sorry I meant to send you some pictures from when Millie turned 1 a few weeks back.. I’ve just recommended you to a friend of mine Brooke Collier, which reminded me to send a few snaps!... Vanessa...1/10/15...

Greetings from the Central Coast,

Hard to believe Penny has turned 1. She is going great and we all love having her in our family. Cheers, Acton Family... 29/11/15.

Hi Brooke
I couldn't resist sending this. She is just a little treasure. She has so much personality . I adore her. 
She is house trained. She takes herself outside and even at night she waits until the morning when I take her out. I imagine there will be a few accidents but she is very intelligent.
Just wanted to share this .
Lynne... 30/11/15...

Hello Brooke,

It is almost a year since I picked Zoe up from you at Katoomba. I just wanted to share this photo with you. It is taken just after a bath and groom.  

She is the most lovable and affectionate little girl and has made herself loved by all the family. She is absolutely adorable, and has a great personality. At the moment she is snuggled up on the lounge ( the one with the red towel on it) and into the cushion . Thoroughly spoilt!

She loves being inside but also loves chasing lizards outside. Fortunately they are too fast for her, but they keep her amused for hours.

Hope you have had a good year.

Lynne... 12/11/16...


Hi Brooke, 

I just wanted to let you know that Sunday has settled in so very well.  He hasn’t cried once at night, he just goes to sleep in his little pen and he’s wide awake when I come down at 6am. 

He’s simply beautiful and we are showering him with lots of love and lots of discipline and he follows me everywhere : ). He has the loveliest temperament and yet he loves to wrestle and play.   Here are some photos. 

Thanks so much, Cherelle Martin... 21/12/15...

Hi Brooke and Donna

I hope this email finds you well, and Happy New Year!

I just wanted to email you to let you know how Murray is getting on!

We are absolutely smitten with him and he has been such a good puppy.

He's had his second vaccination and we are just waiting until he is clear to go to the park, we can't wait to see him have a good run around. 

He sleeps in a bed next to ours on the floor, and sleeps right through the night which is great. Ryan has taught him to sit, stay, come, shake hands and play dead, he's such a clever boy.

We will be taking him to puppy school soon, and he has met our friend's Spoodle puppy which he really enjoyed, it was so nice to see him get to interact with another pup.

His personality is coming through more and more, we have discovered he is quite the sook which we love, he is happy to sit on our lap and have lots of cuddles. Having said this, he does have his energetic bursts and loves chasing balls and toys around the house.

I've attached a photo of Murray from Christmas day. The hat only stayed on long enough for the photo, as you might expect!

Thanks again for such a gorgeous pup... Kind regards, Vanessa Wright... 11/1/16

Hi Donna,

Things are going very well. She is a gorgeous little pup, her name is, 'Minnie'. The kids are absolutely besotted with her! We love her!

Corinne Cook... 14/1/16

Hi Guys,

Tilly was 3 in October and going strong.

Attached a couple of photos; when we first got her & 1 about a year ago after a clipping.

Although she has her moments, we've had no dramas health wise and she's still enjoying the humans too.

Regards, Michael Zagdanski... 19/1/16...

Hello Steve and Donna,

Been meaning to email you for a long time! I got my beautiful cavoodle puppy from you guys in May 2014! She was born 27/2/14!
She is the most beautiful tempered dog and everyone that meets her falls in love :) we have had no problems with her at all! And I still remember the day we came and got her. I'm attaching some pictures of her :) her names Lilah.. From Kaitlin Brown... 1/2/16 :)

Dear Steve and Donna,

Wow I'm six months old already!! The last few months have been very busy, graduating puppy school (see photo), and in particular this week, I got my first major haircut and bath and I also got desexed on Thursday. I've bounced back very well and still don't sit still for long! I'm missing my sister Sadie though whilst I recuperate properly because I'm far too mischievous to take it easy if she was around, so she's visiting my Grammy.

I love the beach, and chasings, and stealing the ball from Sadie. I also LOVE food. The vet was nooo worries - they gave me treats! I love dogs more than humans, but am starting to enjoy a snuggle or two. I also like snuggling under blankets.

My legs are so giraffe long, I struggle to be coordinated most days! I have a bit more filling out to do to best suit my new short haircut. I look like a little black lamb, with a show pony prance!!

I think that's all I've got for you at the moment, but I'll send more pictures soon! Love, Tilly.

Vanessa Haigh... 9/4/16...

Hi Brooke,

Just a quick email & photo of our very lovely Womble - she is settling in well (after a few sleepless nights) & Mindy & her are getting on well - lots of playing!

Thanks so much for all of your help - we all absolutely adore her! Tina Hunt... 15/4/16...

Hi Donna and Steve,

Hope you are well.

Can we share with you what a joy our Rosie is! She is known by my kids at school as 'Miss Naughty Pants' as she is still in her puppy naughty stage (stealing tissue packs from my handbag currently is her favourite trick).

She's been desexed now, she and our other dog Ruby had surgery together on the same day which was comforting for both of them (and for us). She still loves her pink rabbit and loves playing with her million and one toys. I take her to school frequently and she is quite kid proof - I have several kids I threaten to check their bags on days Rosie has been to school, they love her so much.

We had a recent scare with Glenn's mum who collapsed at our place and we needed to call an ambulance.  While we were waiting for the ambulance, Rosie snuggled into my mother-in-law's chest and was amazingly perceptive in what she needed to do to comfort Val.

Our vet predicts Rosie will be about 6 kg as an adult dog. Rosie is 5.5 kg currently, but is 15 kg in personality of course!

Regards, Lisa Campo... 22/4/16...

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