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Hi Steven and Donna,
Just wanted to let you know 'Puppy A' - now known as Hugo is doing very well and has settled in perfectly.

Sleeps through the night with not one cry, not even on his first night.

He can already sit, lie down and wait on command... and is potty trained.. and he is only 10 weeks!

 Thanks....Sam McDowell.  Perth    April 2012 





Hi Steve and Donna....It’s now just over a year since Yogi became a part of our family. From the very first moment he has completely fitted into our family. Initially we were worried how our 8 year old Doberman was going to deal with a younger sibling but ‘Ella’ has turned out to be the best Aunty ever. The two are the very best of friends and Yogi’s youthfulness keeps Ella on her toes! They both play ‘madly’ throughout the day but not once has Ella been cross with Yogi’s exuberance.  

Growing up with many dogs throughout my life I would have to say that Yogi has been the ‘best dog ever’ I have owned. His patience, tolerance, personality and energy makes him perfect around my two daughter’s. He has been wheeled around in prams, driven around on the back of bikes, dressed up in babies clothes and carried around just about everywhere! And he’s always been the happy playmate!  

Naturally whenever we go for walks he always commands attention! People always comment on his looks and his striking markings. It’s always fun to take him to the groomers he comes out looking like a stripped tiger (it’s like we get a new dog) and as his fur grows back it blends back into shades of grey. He does not shed at all but he does get hot, so we find that we need to clip him every two/three months. (probably less over winter). He loves going to the groomers – check out the link, Yogi features in the before and after photos under ‘Cavoodle’! 

We are true Cavoddle advocates and converts – such a wonderful breed – the perfect family pet! Thanks so much for breeding such delightful little members! 

                                                                           Kind Regards    Daiva and Martin Tuktens.         April 2012 


Hi Steven and Donna......Just sending through an update on our cavoodle Winston who we collected from you in March. He is approaching 5 months old and is growing at a quick pace.

Deciding to bring him into the family has been the best decision we have made. He has enriched our lives in so many ways and brought us all closer together.

Being our first family pet, he is spoiled rotten, but is a very good boy! Puppy school is going well, he loves wrestling the other dogs and even though he gets very distracted, he has a few tricks up his sleeve and is toilet trained!

His favourite thing to do is steal shoes from the closet and chew them up! He knows when he is being naughty and loves making us chase him around the house. He is a very intelligent dog, loves a good cuddle and good company.

I have been recommending Country Puppies to anyone who has asked about Winston, he gets a lot of compliments as he resembles a big teddy bear.       

                                                                                  Many thanks, Sarah Storey.......May 2012


Hi Donna

Sorry for the delay – but a couple of pics of Billie Jean taking over the house!  She’s really settling in well now and an absolute bundle of energy.

Thanks – Wendy    June 2012


              Thought you might like an update on Toby.  He weighs 12.5 k and is 43cm to shouldered  the vet advised us to. control his weight.  He does not always finish his meal at night. He is quite strong,jumps on his hind legs when approaching dogs and people when walking, likes to be cuddled by said people, decides which direction to walk and when to return, can set quite a pace on return. Not all people appreciate his hind leg act but those who do love him. He is a lovely dog and Louis spends a lot of time here. Louis is a smaller dog, very active,cheeky, he is cute.  They know where each other lives. We love them both.

Best wishes...  
Marie Murray  June 2012

Hi Donna... 
We collected Buddy from you at the Bathurst Tourism Info Centre in June/July 2010 (I think at the time we just called him "Apricot Boy").

At the time I was still living in Sydney but have since moved back to Orange where my two girls (Paris and Ruby) are at school. Buddy quickly adjusted to the chilly climate, having been Bathurst-born to begin with, and his long, curly, non-shedding coat keeping him warm. 

I mostly manage an IT-based company from home, so Buddy is almost never without doting human company and has 'access all areas' indoors, meaning that he typically sleeps alongside of me and flits between family members during the night when everyone is home. Buddy is incredibly affectionate, smart (cunning even!) and well-behaved, with a few minor exceptions.

He will bolt straight out the door given any opportunity, mainly to visit his 'girlfriend' (a mini-foxy a few doors away and yes, Buddy is desexed) but also to chase cars which means we have to be extremely vigilant. On the leash though, he's a champion walker and popular visitor at local cafes where he is catered for like a human. He also steals bras from the laundry hamper and takes them into the backyard where he guards them jealously and thrashes them from side to side - especially beige ones - as if they're a rabbit or something.

It's also as though Buddy has a sixth sense, meaning on the days when I'm collecting my girls from their Dad, he starts fretting out loud before we even get in the car, then goes quite berserk from his harness in the back seat. How he distinguishes these particular outings from my regular runs to the post office etc is beyond any rational explanation I can think of.

Attached is a photo of Buddy with my younger daughter Ruby, and a Sydney friend who came to visit with her nappy-wearing mini-bitzer (oh, puleez!). Buddy has also been having occasional sleepover visits from a CockBeagOodle friend, and it's lovely to see them both getting along so nicely together.

Some months ago, Ruby held a very tiny Moodle puppy in a pet shop for a few minutes, and since then hasn't stopped pestering me to get a Moodle 'brother' for Buddy, one that she can be the 'mother' of (Buddy being the whole family's pet). What can I say to such relentless, heartfelt nagging? Except to promise that I'll try to find her the right puppy. 

Ruby has looked around on the internet and decided that a "red" or "dark apricot" Moodle boy would be her wildest dream come true.

We trust you guys as breeders, so please let me know if there is any likelihood of a puppy like the above being born at your place within the rest of this year.

Best regards, Melanie Capell... August 2012.

Hi Steven and Donna,

I just wanted to give you an update on Alby. I have attached some photo’s.

Alby is doing really well and we just love him! 

Next week he would have completed 5 weeks of puppy classes and next year I am doing the GDTA Instructors Course to become a registered dog trainer and he will involved in that also. 

My partner went back to full time work yesterday so we have a dog walker coming to take Alby for 2 hours twice a week for play group with other pups.

He really is a lovely wee boy. He has been a breeze to train to date and toilet training is nearly perfected. He just needs to understand what to do when he is at other peoples houses. He is very outgoing with humans but a little shy with other dogs so we are doing lots of socialisation with other dog 

He has a real love for shoes – relocating mainly and I hope it doesn’t get to chewing! He loves interactive dog toys such as the Kong Wobbler and the ‘rip and tug’, squeaky toys and is getting into fetching.

Thanks so much Steven and Donna for an amazing and stunning wee pup! We are mad about him! 

Megan and Pete.... September 2012. 

Hi Steven,
I don't know if you would remember me, but my name's Amy and I purchased a Male Cavoodle Puppy from you in March last year.
I just thought I would send you an email to give you an update on the puppy and send you some photos.
Me and my partner named the puppy Teddy as he looked like a cute little Teddy bear.

He really is the best dog we could ever have asked for. He has such a lovely nature and is the cutest, most fun-loving dog.
Teddy is very spoilt, he has his own little bed, clothes and Teddy even has Facebook. Teddy either sleeps in his bed or on the bed with me depending what mood he is in. He loves to play and go for walks, but his favourite thing to do is curl up on the lounge and watch a movie or some Tv. Unfortunately I've had a tough year this year with health problems, but Teddy has been there for me every step of the way and keeps me company when I'm not well. I really don't know what I would have done without him or what I would do without him.

Thank you so much for giving us the chance of having such a lovely Puppy in our lives.
Thank you so much again... 

Kind Regards, Amy... November 2012.

Hello Donna and Steven,

                                       Sorry its been so long since we made contact however all is well as we hope it is with you and your family.  We completed our 5 months motorhome trip over to South Australia and wound our way back to Hervey Bay via Great Ocean Road etc. 

Holly adapted to the Motorhome life very easily however it would have been difficult without the large 'cage' we purchased from you and the enclosed zippered travel bed we bought prior to getting Holly at Mudgee!

We had a month home in Hervey Bay then left 1/12 to come up here to Mackay and visitfamily, back to H/Bay next Wednesday before Xmas traffic. We had to wait till our daughter showed us how to send you a picture of Holly via this media so here is our 'little' girl!!!   She badly needs a haircut which we hope to tomorrow as its just toooo hot for her... 

She was de-sexed 8/11 and think she has put on a little weight, she would be over 6 kilos now, maybe some of that is 'hair'!

Kindest regards to you and your family and we wish you a very Merry Xmas and a safe, happy and healthy New Year!

Pat and Brian Riddle :) ... December 2012. 

Hi Steven,
I thought it time to send a couple of photo's of Cooper. 

Cooper is full of character and loves life but full of mischief, he likes to steal the TV remote and change the channel while watching the cricket.

He loves to help with the housework by taking all the bath mats out to the garden. 

He sleeps on my bed at night with his toys which act as an alarm clock early in the
mornings, but the best part is he is a happy little soul and I love him to bits.

He is my best friend and even my vet comments on what a great puppy he is, so thank you for breeding a great little dog.

Many thanks, Lyn Stewart..  January 2013.

 Hello Steven and Donna!I am sending you a photo of my beautiful girl,she had her 1st birthday yesterday.

She is an absolute delight,enjoying herself everyday,and eats whatever she comes across,be it rope, tennis balls,sticks,egg shells ,the list goes on,loves her play;s on the beach,and races around like a greyhound ,with her pomeranian playmate,and
with my two other dogs,she manouvers herself brilliantly,and no one stands a chance,with her.She has a beautiful nature
towards anyone that wants to pat her,but always on the lookout for more food,i feed her once a day,with a treat of a chicken neck, or a smacko or denta stix,that is her limit,she now weighs 6.2 kilo and carries it just nice, i wouldn't want her any heavier. Is that the normal weight for her do you think!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hope your business is doing well,and that you are all well.

Thank you once again for having such a beautiful breed of dogs,it is a credit to you both,all the very best with your wonderful breed of parents.

Cheers Antoinett and Lottie xx         June 2013...

Hi Steve and Donna... This is our beautiful girl Evie who was arrived to us on March 8. She was born on the 13th Jan, so she is now 15 weeks old.  Evie is already house trained and can sit, wait, heel, down, stay and can potty on command.  She has just started puppy preschool and is a real little socialite.  

Evie's parents were MJ and Milo, I was wondering how many brothers and sisters she had?
My son who was very frightened of dogs, has really bonded with her and although he's not all over her like a rash like his sister, I often find him playing with her quietly when he no ones else is around telling her how much he loves her, so cute :) 
Evie is 22cm high at the shoulders and weighs about 2.5kg.  I was wondering if you could tell me how big approx. she will get as she has nearly outgrown her current crate and I would like one that would take her through to her adult height.
Kind regards, The Loosmore Family.   April 2013.

 Hi Steven & Donna, 

                                 Thought we'd let you know how Angie is going.  She is 14 weeks old now and an adorabe little girl.   The grandchildren just love her and always want to take her home with them.  She is doing very well with the toilet training and only has the occasional accident and most times will sit and stay when asked so we're very impressed.  

She settled in very quickly and we only had a couple of nights when she had a little cry when we first put her to bed but we don't have any problems at all now even when we go out she's happy to entertain herself which sometimes unfortunately means doing a bit of gardening!   

We find she's very inquisitive and playful so we're kept on our toes and can't imagine life without her.   We would certainly recommend cavoodles to anyone as they're beautifully natured little dogs.

Have enclosed a few photos and hope things are going well for you both.
Kind regard, Carol and Graham Bird...   June 2013... 

 Hi Steve and Donna,                                                                                                                                                       A little late but we wanted to give you a big thank you and an update on our beautiful Molly. She just turned 7 months in December 1st and she is beyond words. 

Molly is incredibly cuddly and loves nothing more than kissing us and trying to squeeze sneakily between us in bed at night. Molly has quite the personality, fears nothing, and loves driving her sister (another of your cavoodles) insane when we visit my parents.

Molly, exactly as you described, is my shadow. Steve you said she followed you all over the farm and at our home I cannot take a step without her following behind me.

We hope to get Molly a mate from you next year so we can encourage her playful side. 

Thank you once again for our beautiful puppy. Shanna and Karl. December 2013. 

Hi Steve & Donna,                                                                                                             

Merry Christmas from us all!!                    

Thank you sooooo very much for providing us with such beautiful, energetic, loving, soulful puppy.  

Archie has enriched my life more than words can ever begin to describe! 

He has given me soo much already in his six months on this earth. 

My mother suffers with Vascular Dementia. Archie has helped me rebuild a wonderful happy, unifying relationship with her again! She adores him. The little squirt has us all wrapped around his little finger.

My partner Katie adores him, as he adores her. I am in the background somewhere!! 

Merry Christmas and thanks again. Warm regards, Laura xo.   December 2013...

Hi, My name is Lynette Healey and I brought my beautiful Cavoodle - Missy off you nearly 2 years ago. ( Black with white on nose and chest)   

I am thinking about getting a playmate for her and was wondering if you have any Harlequin Females coming up for sale.  I have seen your website and saw you had some awhile ago. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ps  I have attached an old photo of her at about 10 months

Lynette Healey...   February 2014... 

Hi Steven, Donna & Brooke,

We picked up our baby yesterday and he is perfect!!!! We love him so much and my daughter is so happy. 

Thank you for giving sofia a play mate to love. She decided on the name Taj (Taji)..

He is so affectionate and loving and playful and well just perfect.

I've attached a photo of Taj and Sofia.

Thank you again.

Nella, Shaun & Sofia xxx     February 2014... 

 Hi Steve and Donna... 

I bought a beautiful Cavoodle girl from you around 4 months ago. Bailey is now 6 months old and addition to our family we couldn't be without. I was thrilled with how well she settled in. Looking back I was nervous she'd be timed, however she had a kind of confidence that comes from being well loved and cared for, by you the breeders. She was inquisitive and adventurous, friendly with other people, children and animals yet extremely loyal to me. 

Bailey in one word is delightful! I have no hesitation recommending you to family, friends and complete strangers who fall for Bailey as soon as the set eyes on her.
Thank you so much, Charlie Elizabeth Nightingale... February 2014... 

Hi Brooke,

Sorry for not being in touch sooner (having a puppy is very time consuming!) but I just thought you’d like to know how little Harvey is getting on. I got Harvey from you back in October last year and it was incredible how quickly he settled in at home. He’s 6 months old now and I can’t tell you how much I adore him. He is such a great little dog, full of character and personality – he really is a bit of a charmer! He’s also just completed an obedience training course and the trainer commented how lovely it is to see such a happy little dog. I can’t speak highly enough of Cavoodles as a breed and also of Harvey specifically in terms of his temperament and personality. I’ve attached a couple of recent photos so you can see how big he’s grown – let me know if you have any problems viewing them. Thank you so much for sending me such a lovely little addition to my family!

Kind regards, Karen White...       March 2013.

Hi Brooke,

Just thought I'd do a quick follow up to say thank you! We have a gorgeous, independent, well-adjusted, intelligent, happy little puppy who we already love to bits. We couldn't be happier with her! She's settled in really well, is quickly learning things, and loves sitting between us on the couch (but must be touching both of us!)

I'm sure this is testament to you guys for providing such a loving environment for her in her first days. We're happy to provide any kind of testimonial for you as we'd highly recommend you to anyone.

Thanks again! Tracey & Matt...    March 2014... 

 Hi Steven and Donna, 

We couldn't be happier with our puppy we purchased from you back in April. 

She brings us lots of pleasure. She was small and still is so happy with that, currently weighing 5.2 kg.  Attached is a picture of her now and also when we just got her.

Thanks, Mark and Nicola Foley...   March 2014.

Hi Donna, 

Taz is safely in Darwin and a pure delight, he has settled well, and was so excited. Loving playing on the grass with his toy's leaves and very clever. 

Thank you so much we are thrilled. 

Regards Kirsten.      May 2014... 


Hi Donna,

Thank you so much for our little Frankie. 

He's a wonderful dog, very smart and extremely patient with our daughter and her enthusiasm for him.

He has adapted very quickly into his new home and we love having him...   Thanks Alana 


Hi Steven & Donna

Around 12 months ago we picked up our beautiful little puppy from you. She is a ruby cavoodle, bred from Milo & Mindy.

We named her Bailey and she has become the center of our universe! She has grown into the cutest little girl. She is incredibly smart and affectionate. Like all puppies she was extremely energetic to begin with and she wasn't able to sit still for more than 10 seconds. Around 9 months of age we noticed a huge change and began to see more of the typical cavalier nature emerge. She is still very energetic but she is equally happy to fall asleep on the couch next to us. A perfect dog, we are very attached!

I just wanted to let you know she's in safe hands and is loved enormously! A huge thank you to you both. Attached is a picture.

Our neighbours are searching for a cavoodle, we've passed on your details to them. 

     Kim + Luke Mulder 

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