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PicklesDear Steven and Donna  

Just wanted to let you know how things are going with our new cavoodle puppy.  We have had Pickles for almost two weeks now and she has settled in incredibly well.  She only cried at night for the first two nights.  Since then she happily goes to bed and is content to sleep/entertain herself until morning.

 Toilet training is also going well.  We have been pretty vigilant with looking out for the signs that she wants to go, but it has really paid off, as she has only had a handful of wees and poos in the house.  She has already worked out a favourite spot in the yard to go, which makes things easy for us.

Our two girls adore her, (photo enclosed) and she really is the perfect companion for them.  She clearly wants to be around people all of the time and she spends a lot of the day and night napping at our feet.  Her temperament could not be better for young kids.  She puts up with a lot of (unintentionally) rough holding and play and is so calm and good natured that I was frankly surprised.  If I were Pickles, I would have given them a warning nip by now.  

We are due to start puppy school in a week, but we have already tried teaching her some basic commands like "sit", which she has worked out pretty quickly.  

Thanks again for Pickles; we couldn't be happier with her.  Also, please feel free to use this e-mail or the photo on your cavoodle feed back if you would like to.

Jason Downing and Amanda Lintott
January 06

TallulahDear Steven and Donna

I just wanted to let you know how we are going with our beautiful little cavoodle puppy Tallulah. She has become the centre of the family - the girls absolutely adore her.  She is incredibly intelligent, so easy to train - she is only 10 weeks old and already she is going to the back door to go out to toilet. We can't believe it given that our last dog Barney, who we all adored, took YEARS to train.  

She is an exquisite looking dog too, with a beautiful thick ginger coat - I took her into Arabella's classroom last Friday afternoon and the girls (20 of them!) and all the teachers went mad.  I am regularly stopped by people when I take her out, at this stage we are still holding her as the final needles aren't due until June.  

I want to thank you for all of your help. I know I probably tortured you with my questions and you were particularly helpful and obliging. We just couldn't be happier - I have recommended Country Puppy cavoodles to anyone who asks where she comes from.  I will scan some photos and forward them on to you in the ensuing few weeks. 

We just love her and she seems to have taken to us too, settling right into the family.  

I will be in touch again with photos. 

Jacqui Cull
May 06

JoeyDear Donna and Steven

I just wanted to let you know how our beautiful puppy is going. We named him Joey.
Joey is now 15 weeks old and has had his second lot of needles.  He has learnt to sit and is starting to shake. He is going outside to go to the toilet and when inside is using kitty litter. 
JoeyI have taken him out and everyone comments on how beautiful he is. We took him to the beach the other day and he loved it. 
Many people have asked where i got him from and i have recommended you. They have been looking on your website daily. 
Thankyou so much for such a beautiful and healthy puppy and your help with answering all my questions.

You were a great help.

Thanks Cassie June 06

TobyDear Steven and Donna,

Just emailing about little Toby our Cavoodle. He had his first birthday a few weeks ago as you know and is still as adorable as ever, in fact he is sitting on my lap as I write this email. He has been to puppy preschool and won a prize for being a quick learner.

We've been getting him clipped every three months although we think he looks cuter when he's scruffy but he tends to run into things and fall over more often when he is.

He is energetic and always entertaining. His nickname is Denis because he is a menace escaping frequently through a fence we thought was impenetrable. This week he has tried catching possums and Dad assures me that he did in fact fly, he's the fastest thing on four legs and impossible to catch when he doesn't want to be. He is constantly covered in prickly stuff from our garden and he loves being outside, but he is also quite cuddly and sooky. He can also jump extremely high constantly surprising us all and making it difficult to take photos as they quite frequently blur.

TobyHe has the appetite of a Labrador , which we think is due to Sasha our other pup and there is a photo of the two of them attached. He is absolutely spoiled and sleeps on my bed when Sash sleeps outside.

He is friendly and loves all other dogs constantly just wanting to play and make new friends. His favourite position is lying on his back belly to the air and I've attached a photo of him doing this.

TobyLately he has also got a little yappy but we're trying to get him out of this. It seems odd because we can still remember the first time he barked and scared himself.

He weighs 4 kilos, is 25cm from floor to shoulder and his tail is the same length, from nose to bottom he is 48cm.

He fits perfectly in our family and we love him very very very much. He recently won a kleenex competition for being so adorable. Thank you for such a gorgeous little creature!

Kris and the Snell Family November 06

Boots - ThenGood morning to my former human parents Donna & Steven.

I got sick of waiting for my new family to send an update on my progress so I thought I would do it myself. Just to remind you I came from the litter born 30 June 2006. Mum was a Cavalier and Dad was a Toy Poodle. Making me a proud Cavoodle.
My adoptive family collected me in the beginning of September and named me Boots. I am growing up to be a very loyal member of our family since I went in for a little procedure concerning my lower region.     Before this I was getting into a little trouble due to my (amorous behavior. )
I am currently weighing in at 4.6kg. I still give into the temptation of chewing when left in the company of a shoe. I have graduated my pre-school program, and if there was a popularity vote I'm sure I would have won.

Boots - NowI love the company of my "mum" and all the kids in the street love me as much as I love them.   

One request I have in return is can I please have a photo of the parents that conceived me for my album. This would be great as its the missing link from my past.
I must go as my paws need resting...
Many barks
Boots Bond-Collins
February 2007

Barney - ThenSteven and Donna,

Just wanted to let you know how our little Cavoodle pup is going and what his up to. Barney will be 4 months old on the 25th of January and he has grown much bigger then when we first saw him!
He learns very quickly! He can sit and fetch but still is having problems weeing outside or on his piddle pad. He cried for the first couple of nights but now he sleeps like an angel.
He is a great traveler and had his first long trip to see his cousin Samson who also was bought from you, he is a Chi-poo. They are the best of friends. They both love having each other around.
Barney - NowBarney is very playful and has to be around someone 24-7. He loves all types of people.
Thank you for such a great puppy... we love him to bits.
The Goodyer family
Jan 2008

Hi Again

Just wanted to update our  cavoodle feedback page and tell you a little bit more about Barney and what he has done since the other update.
Barney - 5 MonthsBarney will be 5 months old on the 25th of February and is getting his first clip on Saturday. He is also going to be desexed on the 19th of March.
Barney loves going for walks and he walks well on the lead. He is also able to run along beside the bike when the kids go riding with him. Barney is learning how to shake and stay and is getting better at peeing outside.
Barney loves the beach and you can't keep him out of the water! He still loves all types of people and is pleased to see us when we get home from school or work.
Thankyou again for such a beautiful and a loving puppy!
The Goodyer Family 20/02/2008

ZackHi Steve and Donna,

Better late than never. I have attached a photo of our michievous cavoodle puppy Zack who we picked up from you in early May 2007.
Zach is now 7 months old and has become an integral part of the family. He settled in well to his new home and proved to be a quick learner when it came to house training.

ZackHe has completed puppy and junior classes and while he was not the top of the class he proved to be everyones favourite, as he is so cute and friendly.

He spends most days playing with the kids and entertaining himself by tormenting the lizzards in the garden and hiding his ball. Life is one big game that Zach is the master of.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this breed of dog to anyone looking for a smart, friendly companion and wouldn't hesitate in recommending yourselves as breeders of quality puppies.
Kind regards
Donna Smith
Sep 2007

Ziggy at 10mths old... October 2008Hello Steven and Donna

Thank you for our lovely cavoodle Ziggy who was born in December 2007 and came to us in February 2008.

We all adore her; she’s a much loved member of the family. She has a gorgeous temperament and is a good friend to the children.

She manages fine in our city courtyard but also loves her time at our property in Mudgee where she takes the opportunity to bark (in a friendly sort of way) at the cows and roos and run energetically around the home yard.

She fetches the ball and has done so since she was quite tiny. She is so affectionate and has such a comical, unique and loving character. We all wonder how we managed before she came along.

Thanks so much for our lovely little pet.

Victoria, Ann, Lou, Tilly and Cleo
Oct 2008

Ruby - ThenGood Afternoon Steven & Donna,
I would like to re-introduce you to our little Cavoodle Ruby.

We pick Ruby up from you on the 8th December 2007 and she has been a perfect addition to our family.

RubyShe has a wonderfully friendly nature, she is just so placid and every person or dog that she meets she just wants to be there friend.
Ruby - NowShe is 11 months old now and loves her puppy training, especially the socialising side of things.
I have attached a couple of photos, 1 from the day after we picked her up, the others a little is more recent.

Christy Ferguson
September 2008



Hi Donna and Steven,
                              Here is a photo of Ruby, our cavoodle, with her adoring boys, Lucas and Ben!  Ruby was born on 31 October 2009 and came to live with us 2 days before Christmas.

Ruby settled quickly into our home and has been a great amount of fun and a lovely companion. She socializes well with other dogs and is a favorite at the local park with kids and adults alike who comment on her friendly and playful nature.

Although her coat is more cavalier, it is low shedding and stays soft and wavy and is low maintenance.
Thanks for your part in bringing Ruby into our home. We could not have hoped for a more wonderful first pet for our family and may come back for a little friend for her in the future!
                    Warm regards, The Mahon family August 2010

Hi Donna & Steven,
                      Minnie is a Cavoodle. I picked her up from you 18th October 2009, she was born on 22 August 2009 (so she just had her 1st birthday) and she weighs 5kgs.

Her coat is completely non-shedding and very poodle like in texture. She is very active and requires a fair bit of exercise/playtime. She is super friendly and just loves everyone and everything.

She is very obedient, with 10 or so tricks and rolling over to be her absolute favourite to perform. She always wants to be either by my side or in my lap. 


I would definitely consider getting another Cavoodle in the furture, they make a great pet and she brings many of smiles to my day (I love her to bits)!!!!! :)

I look forward to seeing Minnie up on your website. Cheers, Rachel
                                                   August 2010


Hi Steve & Donna,
Its hard to believe life before Tessa arrived, she has grown into a beautiful cavoodle who adores the family...she will be one at the end of May 2011.
We get comments about her in the street and always get asked where we got her from....Our Kids love her and you were right, she adjusts to our moods and energy levels accordingly, if there is fun to be had she is in, if its snoozing and cuddles watching TV she is right by your side relaxing...
Tessa has a cheeky side and loves her morning walks, she also loves her soft toys that used to belong to the kids when they were Babies, she adores cuddles & the family Cat, if only the Cat loved her half as much in return...they eat out of the same bowl sometimes & have a snooze together.
Here are some pics, before and after her Haircut...the jury is out as to which looks cuter! ( I like her scruffy)
If only we could get a Brother for Tessa!
The Harris Family, Leura NSW

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